During its Winter/Spring season, the Janos Gat Gallery has focused on contemporary art in Berlin with a series of exhibitions, From Berlin, presenting installations by Costantino Ciervo and MK Kähne.

Europe's most vibrant art scene is further explored in a survey of important works by its acknowledged progenitor, the quintessential Berlin artist, Wolf Vostell (whose decollages and object graphics were in NO!art Show No. 3 at the Janos Gat Gallery in 1998).

Best known in America for his collaboration with the Fluxus and the NO!artists, and as the originator of happenings, Vostell created the first artwork to incorporate a video screen (Transmigration, 1958, included in the exhibition).

Vostell was the first German artist to publicly address the Holocaust. His oeuvre presented a political and humanistic alternative before Pop and to Pop.

The works on exhibit record a career spanning five decades. While it would be hard to exaggerate Vostell's importance and influence in contemporary European art, this is his first New York solo exhibition in over thirty years.

Wolf Vostell

From Berlin No 3

April 10th—May 12th, 2001

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