Judit Reigl
Man and Mass Writing

08/08 - 02/09

Judit Reigl’s second solo exhibition at the Janos Gat Gallery features examples of the artist’s return to figurative expression along with the abstractions for which she was previously known.

The event that redirected the artist’s practice, in 1966, was the perception of a human torso, unplanned yet discernible, within one of the abstract compositions of the
Mass Writing series (1959-1966). Having used her own body as a dynamic instrument to create the swiftly marked canvases of Mass Writing, Reigl, preserving her spontaneity and immediacy, turned the body into her subject. In the ensuing Man series (1966-1972), the painted volumes appear to be in suspension, drawn upward by an irresistible force and dragged downward into a fall. The works derive their vitality and their tension from this contrary movement. Summed up in a few traces of paint, the monumental nude torsos are at once corporeal and immaterial, gravity-bound and weightless.

The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue with essays by
Jean-Paul Ameline, Chief Curator of the Pompidou Center, Paris and by the artist.

To find out more about the artist visit judit-reigl.com

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