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A Giant Among Art Fairs Spreads Its Reach


Published: March 15, 2013



At the Galerie Berès, some will discover an unexpected connection between two great contemporary artists. In a monumental panel signed by Judit Reigl around 1982-1984, the proportions and rhythm of vertical bands of trailed paint call to mind some “Abstract Pictures” done by Gerhard Richter between the mid-1980s and the late 1990s. Ms. Reigl’s gray and white tonalities and the texture of her composition are different, but it is hard to escape the feeling that the 80-year old Mr. Richter and the 90-year-old Ms. Reigl are kindred spirits.

Meanwhile, see Ms. Reigl at Tefaf, and do not miss a stunning portrait in pencil by Degas on the same stand. Add the collection of 35 craftsmen’s tools from the 17th to the 19th century, amassed by Fiorenzo Cesati of Milan and his son Alessandro and few would question the supremacy of Tefaf as the place to be enlightened about the making of art.