Herbert Brown: Subway Posters Overpainted

(NO!art Show #2)







Kurt Kren (action films & stills); Viennese Actionist (Nitsch, Muehl, Schwarzkogler) Dietmar Kirves,

Boris Lurie,

Clayton Patterson, Wolf Vostell:

NO!art Show #3

Ilka Gedo:

Self Portraits (paintings & works on paper)

Knox Martin:

Early Works

Knox Martin:

Recent Works

From Mednyanszky to Gedo, A Survey of XXth Century Hungarian Art;

Boris Lurie: Bleed

(a series of collage) NO!art Show #1

Ching Ho Cheng,

A retrospective

Lajos Gulacsy: Paintings & works on paper;

The prints of

Jozsef Rippl Ronai

Andre Kertesz,

Istvan Lugossy: (photographs);

Tibor Gergely (paintings)

John Wander (works on paper);

Luigi Papotto Russo (sculpture)

John Anderson Paintings;

Eugene Zak:

Works on paper

Tuly Bauman: Sculpture & stone

X-rays; Zsigmond Karolyi (paintings)

Luigi Cazzaniga: Photograps;

Jozsef Jakovits: Sculpture & prints

Julian Beck:


Ilka Gedo: Paintings

& works on paper

Andras Halasz: Sleeping Soldiers (paintings)

From Mednyanszky

to Dombrowsky: XXth Century Hungarian Art

Istvan Farkas: Correspondences

Tibor Hajas

(action photographs);

Gyula Pauer (sculpture)

Knox Martin:

Early Works

Gyorgy Roman: Paintings

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